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When I was a boy, a friend of mine in a moment of rage mockingly told me: 'You are a DREAMER!'. In spite of the taunting voice tone, these words sounded good to me. In fact, I always aimed to make this a better world, even in the little, meaningless details of everyday life. Later I found that design, music and art in general can truly be means to share a vision and live a better life.

So delving into myself and trying to express what I find has been my main interest in my adolescence and what I knew I would've wanted to do in my life.

So far I started working in advertising, as a graphic designer, as a copywriter and creative director, since I discovered the web, in its early days.

Since then I started studying programming languages and acquiring developing skills. I started making websites and, hopefully, always more complex and better websites.
Then I started thinking that writing good code needs a creative approach, not much different than copywriting or even writing poetry.
So, to me, making web projects is not about informatics; I agree, a lot of technical skills are needed, but a good website is the result of a holistic approach and a perfect blend between many different sensibilities between technology and human nature.

When I don't work I stay with my two children and wife, and like need to read, paint, write, play and write music.